General Information

The Port of Málaga is located to the south of the Iberian Peninsula, on the coasts of the southern Mediterranean, sheltered by a natural bay, at 4º 25 ‘W and 36º 43’ N. The prevailing winds are S. and SE, prevailing the bonancible weather. The Port has a flotation surface of 6.884 Ha and a terrestrial surface of 1.190.723 m² at present.

The range of merchandise that transits the port ranges from solid bulk such as cement, agri-food, aggregates and biomass, through liquid bulks such as olive and sunflower oils, hydrocarbons and molasses, and ending with the general merchandise in its different aspects, ro-ro cargo, import vehicles and containerized merchandise, covering all of them commercial routes of the Mediterranean and Atlantic arc, including a firm positioning in the coastal trading lines with Melilla and Ceuta.

Noteworthy is the passenger traffic both in connections with Melilla in ferries such as transport, and tourist cruises with scheduled itineraries both in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic by the main shipping companies in this area.

Equally important given the added value they bring to the traffic of passengers and merchandise are the commercial provisioning services; in this second type is the supply of fuel which is taking a significant relevance.