Puerto de Málaga

Institutional, Organizational and Planning Information

Institutional Información

The Málaga Port Authority is the public body responsible for the management of the Port of Málaga, a port of general interest integrated into the state-owned port system, made up of a total of 28 port authorities and the public entity Puertos del Estado, to which corresponds the coordination and efficiency control of the port system.

Competences of the Port Authority

The Málaga Port Authority is governed by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, of September 5, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Law on Ports of the State and the Merchant Navy. DIn accordance with said Royal Legislative Decree, it develops the following competences in the Port of Málaga:

  • The provision of general services, as well as the management and control of port services to ensure that they are developed under optimal conditions of efficiency, economy, productivity and safety, without prejudice to the competence of other agencies.
  • The management of the service area of the port and of port uses, in coordination with the competent administrations in terms of spatial planning and urban planning.
  • The planning, project, construction, conservation and exploitation of the works and services of the port, and the maritime signals entrusted to them, subject to the provisions of this law.
  • The management of the public domain of ports and maritime signals assigned to them.
  • The optimization of economic management and the profitability of the assets and resources assigned to them.
  • The promotion of industrial and commercial activities related to maritime or port traffic.
  • The coordination of the operations of the different modes of transport in the port space.
  • The management and coordination of port traffic, both maritime and terrestrial.

Organizational Information

In this section, the composition of the Board of Directors, the organizational structure of the Port Authority and the profile of the heads of the institution are published:

Planning Information

The Business Plan is the instrument through which, based on the situation diagnosis, forecasts of port traffic and economic-financial forecasts, management objectives, objectives and indicators of environmental sustainability, the personnel structure and the offer of employment are defined, as well as the financial and investment programming for the planning period. This Plan also sets the annual objective of profitability of the Port Authority and the correction coefficients of the rates, as well as the bonuses.

The Business Plan is formulated by the Port Authority and submitted to the approval of the Governing Council of State Ports.