Puerto de Málaga
24 Hours Support

  • CONTROL CENTRE Tlf. +34 952 22 21 17 – E-Mail – ccs@puertomalaga.com
  • MALAGA PORT CONTROL – Channel 11 VHF Marine Band


Information about the PORT OF MÁLAGA:

  • The Port of Málaga is a COMMERCIAL PORT
  • The boat is required to have crew available at all times with capacity to effect berth changes when required by Port Authority personnel
  • You must contact before arrival to check the availability of docking
  • There is no obligation to assign berth except in case of emergency
  • The maximum stay allowed is 3 days
  • The boats must moor alongside the dock (berthing on the side)
  • The port does not have mooring docks
  • The port does not have a seafaring service
  • The price of the berths are approved in the RDL 2/2011 Law of Ports and Merchant Marine
  • THE FEES are the following:
    1. T0 Aid to Navigation
    2. T5 Sports and recreational boats – (Length x Beam x 0.394 € per day), includes availability of water and electricity
  • The supply of water and electric power is not always available at the place designated for berthing (in this case, it is not invoiced)