Puerto de Málaga

Structural conditioning of the Cantil beam in the installation of new defenses and berths in the Levante dock and ADL of the Port of Malaga

The purpose of the works is to develop the structural reinforcement of the cantilever beams in the ADL and Dique de Levante quays, as a result of the new stresses to which they are subjected, as well as the possible need to replace the fenders, the number of bollards and the nominal draft capacity of the same that should be adequate for the new uses that are being developed at present due to the increase of the lengths of the boats that operate in them, as a result of the increasing activity of cruises in the Port of Malaga, superior to those that were initially sized, back in the 70s, for the ADL quay; and in 2001 for the Dique de Levante.