Port of Málaga

Meteorological Information


The meteorological station of the Port of Málaga is one of the wave measurement and recording stations of the REMRO (Spanish network of measurement and recording of waves). It is located in the coordinates 36º 39,58 ‘N, 04º 26,61 W, in the vicinity of the old Cros platform.

The measurements are made by floating buoy with an accelerometric system that captures the instantaneous oscillations of the sea level and translates them to an electrical signal send to earth via radio and received in La Farola. Once processed and stored, they are sent to Maritime Climate of the States Port Authority through a continuous connection to the Internet.

The Port of Málaga station was put into operation in May 1980, and incorporates a Quality System that includes a Manual of Procedures and Instructions, aimed at quality certification, in accordance with the ISO 9002 Norm.

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